seeking the wild of the everyday

Saturday, May 7, 2016

earth, take me back.

(or, you know, what's up 'round here)
 i think i spend a lot more time doing what i love.
wild babies.
organic vegetables.
quiet mothering.

i do feel restless, though.
always some distant glimmering on the horizon--
apply for that wwoof grant?

trade the golf in for a westie?

why do not it all, you know?

naw  naw, stick to here, stick to what you're doing... it's working.

we'll see.
toast, cookie crumbs, yoga, story time, escaping puzzle pieces. 

I want to be earth, stable and nourishing.
I want to be seeds, freewheeling and catching rides on shoe laces, cats, and soft breezes.

The road calls.
The heart stills cries for action.
I don't know what the horizon holds.
I know how to dig out of holes
I know how to climb out to vistas
I see a shining horizon
I leave A dying world
I can only follow my wild heart/ plants and flowers amplifying that true voice,

take me back, earth.
the best sort of playgrounds for growing monkeys.


i dropped teddy off at school and we stayed long enough for snack. it's like our second home, complete with siblings, garden, and cozy community.

i love this magic boy.

home studies.
decomposition is the basis of all growth--- the end and the beginning. compost is my muse through and through.
mmm, key hole bed filling in so nicely.

oh....o o o o oh. more precious than jewels, these saved seeds.

the best sort of work.

getting lost in flower faces. 

hahahaha, they wanted a selfie with me! (flattered.) child conservationists. brooke told me that she loves trees because they help her breathe--- together we're remembering how to best care for SPACESHIP EARTH. :) it's amazing to hear the children's views on our home--- the young ones are so sensitive, and the next generation of activists. my hyper-fixation/connection with nature is leading the way in my life.

i point out the ever beautiful poison hemlock and think of socrates, who was guilty of "corrupting the youth." yep, hug them trees, kids, they help you breathe, kids.

treasures instinctively collected by the children, and then handed to me! we learned about how this dying foothill pine is also an acorn pantry for acorn woodpeckers. :)

finding fireweed in roseville had me like: :D:D:D:D!!! i know it's a common wildflower throughout the continent but i've only seen it yonder north! <3<3<3

making friends with mugwort.

baby sunflowers hugged by a crumbled asphalt bed. teddy plays on his own.
The crumbling
Like mycelium in a fallen tree
We can recycle it.
Make it fertile.
Bring it back to nature.
That's what we do.
 he likes bicycles. i like vegetables. we have a lot of unanswerable questions. dragon monkey madness. we get each other. mostly. misfits. explorers. idealists. big personalities.
watering can snuggles.

elberries come out of hiding.

our latest kombucha flavor: loquats, elderflower, and rose petal.

and after work, some nights stranger than others.

the lupin bringing their a-game this spring, caught them before they went to seed.

mmm, five minutes of the sweetest sort of peace. we also have an old tv/vcr combo and jumanji, the wizard of oz, etc, on tape.

window seat, watching squirrels and robins in the mulberry.

still very attached, us two.

loquat love.


too cozy.

the season of sunshiny showers and all sortsa magic.

tyler and lincoln. days like this when the four of us are together are amazing. i've really put tyler through the ringer through-out everything, and i'm learning how to really appreciate the golden and gorgeous people who put up with me. you are sunshine, tyler. <3

the wildest. 

tyler and linc play at the big school with teddy and i. thunder rolls in.

those thighs. that face. omg. <3 he picked out his pj's.

yep, and these two. life's pretty radical when hanging out with your best friends means digging/planting/sweating. experimenting here with waffle beds.

we're not old fashioned.
just idealistic.
following our visions
dreampt up by our ideals.

i knew we planted some crazy magic when these two cartwheeled their way into my life like the chaos twins they are. it's karmic, though, i know these kids.
i can't resist taking pictures at work. the vegetables are so incredible. and i get to source them from my local farmer buddies.

help. <3 

fairy scissors. :)

have you ever been on the clock and made pickles??? it's a very rewarding experience. #careergoals

some days: so dreamo. i love this hand-me-down luna lovegood shirt from my sister...because i feel like loony luna sometimes. gotta get those nargles out of my ears and wear radish earrings, you know? and wear crystals and eat flowers and listen to sad folk music.


mise en place. i enjoy what i do.  COMPOST! RADICAL RAINBOW RADISH! 

psychedelic pickles. <3
abnur's scene at school. caption contest....

mmm, hibiscus with stevia on the left, and brewing kombucha on the right.

listening to thunder roll in, thankful for daisy magic.

a month ago, on the new moon and my 28th birthday, i felt ready for radical and lasting changes.
felt them coming.

we're always growing.
life is a flow.

stay open and true.

missing my compost moniker,
olly compost

ps. blogger feels retro now and i sort of dig that.


  1. Me likey all this. That magical combo is Sues very favorite thing. Tiny tv/vcr 😉 Lots of love. The new key hole garden looking mighty fine. Love your home. Too cozy and perfectly you. Xo

  2. All this brightness and pickles and anarcho-retro color and vibes: so much goodness, always unfolding, like quilts opening for picnics around you. Your sunny and cozy UNBELIEVABLE home (and that couch!) has become a beacon for growth and love and magic; I see it there. You are the prismatic composter of mama earth, turning up rare new beauty. It's irresistible.