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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

works of fire...and other july moments

(the above is a youtube video. it's a song by june madrona, called early spring. it's in my top three favorite songs ever, and i don't really do "favorites." please give it a listen, if you have a peaceful moment. it will make you happy, like summer kind of happy.)
ginger man

occasionally we find ourselves worked into a juicing frenzy.

i invented this salad, california poppy helping me feel extra creative:  silver kale, candy cane beet, green apple (oil and vinegar, goat cheese.)

peaches hanging over the fence, and teddy went blue berry picking in camino.

the fourth came and went, we jumped into the blue lake, and then we heated up black bean burgers on the bbq like good americans.

getting dark

"the circle of our love is more than just the rising sun that sets." ;) for my lady family.

his heart is true for ME!

flash . !!

intimidation from Blackbeard. (teddy and i read about blackbeard the other day...he'd put flaming fuses in his hair to  appear more fierce.)

little linky watching the bright lights. placer county was aglow with massive fireworks. the streets were filled with booming and smoke, it feels like a real war zone. our culdesac turned into bunker hill, cannons exploding over head. later the sounds of sirens filed into our windows, a house had burnt down not too far away. INDEPENDENCE! :)


dance party

the crew on the corner. i'm not gonna lie, the fireworks were big and free right out our door. fire hazard? absolutely, but i think a good house fire is what some people need.

this week i have siblings coming from oregon, texas, and utah to play!!!

2012, people, catch these days before they fly away. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

let's get ready to rumble!!!

t(space jam style...)

dear siblings,
who couldn't be more excited?

wendy and teddy were kind enough to illustrate what we will all be doing in just a few days.....

cracking peanuts on the lawn

drying off from the splash pool

climbing plum trees

eating tart summer fruits!

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swinging on the rope swing

(mom) cooking eggs!!

spinning on the rope swing...(didn't we call this "helicopter?  i can't remember.)

seeing mom and dad.

making plum cake

licking bowls

drawing pictures...
don't forget lake trips, mosquito bites, otter pops, the price is right, camping, and walks to grandma eileen's.....ready to soak up some family!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

summer weekend...

gum gum gum gnaw gnaw gnaw, plus drool. so cute! commence: teething!

my dear friend natalie was married in old coloma. (so, starting in roseville, i'll head up 80, swing through lovely 49, hit up the river, and then hang with the folks. it's a great loop.)
how cool is this church?

nothing better than reception food by the green river.
i love their log.
spied on tyler while he introduced lincoln to the gander.
tyler crocheted his own tie. (and when i typed "crocheted" i said "crotch-eh-ted" in my head. it's just easier.) best of everything to natalie and chris!!! xoxo

"new" walkman from goodwill outlet, where you hunt for treasure in bins, and pay by the pound. go tyler, it's your birthday.
a salad so good i took a picture of it. (oil, vinegar, mustard greens, kale, spinach, etc etc.) how we do brunch.
i'm really proud of teddy, and his neighbor friends. our back yard is really small but it doesn't stop them from exploring the space's possibilities. i present to you their rope swing.

i know, i have a lot of pictures of them sleeping. it's possibly the best part of my day: staring at their serene handsomeness. and gloating. also lincoln sprawls and hogs the bed. he farts a lot, and for some reason it makes me laugh every single time.

mackenzie lives in silicon valley, but her parents reside in a big ol' sunroomed wrap around porch bungalow dream house. with a pool. so when she comes to visit so do i.

cece and mackenzie sharing a quilt on the expanse of green. croquet anyone?

my sister's twins, willow and autumn, bickering over a dandelion.

oh, those sunlit pines. they play a gentle song in my heart.

and so do these lovely ladies

as well as picking the most perfect apricots in the orange evening.
the days are full of life. honestly, i am so dizzy tipsy from summer and her cool starry evenings.