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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

round and round...

 and round...... the fourth annual holiday-ish update:
mi familia. <3

teddy, 7. interesting, and interested. a little rigid with emotions, always asking questions.
understands why we: turn off lights, walk/bike instead of drive (when feasible), compost, drink tea.
he brought home a photo-encyclopedia with three pages bookmarked: a jungle eco-system, the frog life cycle, and the flotation of a submarine. that's teddy for you.

an engineer: legos, sticks,
an artist with watercolors

he comes home with mushroom reports: "purple cap and gills, white stalk, thick."
loves to run, jump, ski, very physical as well as intellectual.
he and licoln have been playing together more as linky gets older, hallelujah.
nothing makes me happier than to see teddy playing with his friends at his magic little fairy school.
and check out this teddy selfie. :)

lincoln, 3 in march. the spider monkey bulldozer, little tornado, home-wrecker, always followed with a hug and an “i love you mommy.” sensitive and compassionate, but rough with younger kids. he'll jump and climb and swing off of anything he finds.

he loves to color, is extremely imaginative! loves characters, dolls, costumes, and dress-up, he notices anybody wearing some sort of comic book "hero" on their shirt, even though he doesn't know who they are. he'll ask you though, he really wants to know.
he was a starwars fan without even seeing the movies.
LIKE A TRUE PISCES THIS KID CAN’T STAY DRY TO SAVE HIS LIFE, HE NEEDS TO BE IN THE WATER: swamp, gutter, puddle, creek, toilet, ocean, river, bathtub, cup, sink... i’ve accepted this.
 tyler--- i don’t really feel qualified to speak for this lone wolf but i can throw in a few tidbits:

he’s made a dream of his come true and now exclusively drives an electric car to work. (the electrical wizard he is.. i happily inherited the diesel VW..)
he is VP of the local National Air Traffic Controller Association (love the union brotherhood!)
and invested in a beautiful road bike with which he explores the town.
i don’t mean to toot his modest horn but there is nothing he can’t do, and when i say that i mean he keeps the house really clean and can usually be found playing with lincoln, his little favorite person. he is the master of connectivity, can fix any electronic or internet issue, and spends 40 hours a week communicating over radio waves, watching birds and talking to airplanes from his tower in the sky. he works really hard to keep the family grounded.

this photo sums up my year: self-acceptance, living in the moment, playing outside.
 wowee, this has been a fun year striving for authenticity, no matter the cost.

sagan, thoreau, starhawk, and steinbeck have been swirling around as friends.

a semester of dancing, and film production,
working on a few projects that i may actually be proud of
beginning and completing a course in permaculture design (holla!!!!!!!)
trips to the ocean, portland, the redwoods, yosemite, zion, tahoe, many weekends in the woods of my childhood
being a part of teddy's amazing school with parent work days,
and finally relaxing enough to let my roots sink in, finding community and beauty and forage in roseville. (sigh of relief, and like anything else it’s still a work in practice)
i’ve done what i’ve needed to do, searching out the supportive, earthy, and nourishing places;
a new job at my favorite vegan restaurant, a place that i am proud to be a part of, where i’m happy to work alongside like-minded individuals and delicious organic food. bonus: i bike to work.

i deliberate, i create. life is mine to enjoy!

and now let's catch up on the rest of winter's fun.
a nature walk with my nieces, autumn and wendy, christmas day. into the light!

christmas eve, late low sun, love these winter afternoons. where the valley meets the rolling hills in rocklin. i <3 northen california.

oo oo oo, can you imagine a prettier scene? plus paul simon.

haha. love them.

teddy's present to me. lucky mamma.
another christmas at my beloved in-laws! they really know how to spoil us rotten. :) xoxo

the best winter dip in a pool beneath a remote waterfall near my childhood home. brrr!!!!!!  here's a mash-up of the waterfall adventure for you non-facebook friends. watch it if you want to see the waterfall. :)
amy screams from shock. lol. 

carl, my brother. it's an amazing hike.

joe, another brother, near a tranquil pool.

matt, amy, jarom, bella, tramp near a glowing eager fig.

a relax on the top of the falls.

my niece bella's creation.

carl, a hound dog.

had to capture the details of my oldest sister, jenny. she sparkles.

christmas with my brothers!

my mother...and my future. ;) 
my sister merry's family, with my 92 year old grandparents who live up the hill, if you follow a steep trail through the woods.

carl and river.

getting an assortment of siblings together....

amy details.
"the siblings wait for their youngest sister to get in the photo, for gosh sake's."

shaggy mane? with a cap of soil. :)

yellow rabbit ears, a cup fungi
tyler and matt graciously pose for a handsome dude photo.

amy kicks badminton butt at a winter family party.

pairs well with the little greens that i grow and gloat over.
still working on  my etsy, kelsey is an adorable model.

for mary, my darling. saving some flour for you, who is not yet my friend on FB but we drift together in other realms.
and for the rest of my blogger friends who don't see my mushroom spoils on fb. ;)
let go of the old, and bring in the new!!!! <3 <3 <3

love to all of you, and courage to accept the best!

who knows, maybe tonight we'll dig out the VCR, find the jurassic park tape, and blow the kid's minds as a new years celebration. ;)

xoxo, polly compost

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

1-2-3-4-5-6 rainbow kind of day

mmmm.....beet horseradish and yam fries.

best followed with a nettle and chamomile latte.

school parking lot, sky mirror.

the forest across the school, shadow and glow.

i've got this thing for gingko.


gem studded puffball.

chickweed. i was late to class. because i was in outside class.

the first yellow bulbitius of the season.

isn't poison oak pretty? don't get too close.

mary would know the name of this little gall i see grow on the blue oak leaf.

what rain does to grass. gravity!

the last of the bright leaves come down with these gusts. december.

the road is a river. i think: WE MUST FIND A WAY TO STORE THIS WATER AS HUMANS! the hard surfaces whisk it away quickly, to erode dry hills. trees, big oaks, soak up water. can store up to 10000 gallons. we need to plant more trees. we need to store the water when it comes.

a sunshiny shower won't last but an hour.


the fat little thunderhead rolls away, much lighter.

the last light comes through these windows.

the last pink sunset after the storm.

even the back yard looks gorgeous.

and the bed.

can i say more?