seeking the wild of the everyday

Monday, March 25, 2013

the earth, she's laughing.


they're here, the treasures of the season. we've been waiting all year.

earth laughs in flowers.

the world is our oyster.
every day we wake up, itching to play more, see more.

i feel a new sense of freedom.
my new bookish friends are the flower field guides, replacing my made-up names with their "official" ones.

i am a sucker for positive affirmations.
i planted a plum tree.
and two blueberry bushes.
marking the calender for the native plant sales. my front yard will soon have a buckeye and a redbud and it will be a baby native forest.

my bf gave me a SCOBY and i am brewing kombucha.

tyler made a most fantastic chandelier.  our room is officially done. tyler is crafty beyond measure.

if the jars seem a little familiar you're correct. here they are, hanging in the sun, our wedding jars.

got some more dope music in the mail from sara  LOVE IT!

my baby gorilla.

foraging along dry creek.

so many things to eat. no matter where we look all we see is abundance. spring is a time to EAT. and sing.

teddy calls this "wild cucumber way."

curly doc. boil it.
come sliding with us:
teddy doesn't know what to think. 

our view from the top. 

linky prefers to play on a log.

my friend alicia funk made this miner's lettuce salad and acorn crackers with choke cherry preserve. she is so inspiring to me. click on her name if you want some amazing reasons to go wild.

playing where the native's played.

and made dinner.

chaw'se and purple vetch.

sideways near salmon creek, more indian land.

 most days we venture out to visit and say hello to our best spring time friends: the flower people. gentle, faces of pure color, coaxed out with rain and sun... it's hard to imagine an existence more wondrous than the wildflower
oak meadows are best walked through during soft rains. near roseville.

carl took this photo for us. we had a sleepover. bluedicks. at least that's what my dad always called the purple ones.

small lupine.

humpback rock surfacing for sun.

linky chews on everything. more teeth are coming.
ah, the old back 40. or should i say 13. 

teddy lost in a sea of green.
my mom calls this newt one eyed jack. he's spotted often near the house after a rain.

my childhood: reverence for the "rootbeer" flowers.

bitter young yarrow greens are so tasty. collecting these for tea, it's been approved in europe as a fever medicine, meaning insurance companies will reimburse you if you choose to medicate with it.

i love blue flowers: hounds tongue. when the flowers are young they are the color of blue evenings.

the wooded wildflower path. i am so enchanted by the little delicate blooms that have evolved for the forest's setting.

indian pink. 

slippery, soggy toes.

bun loves the clover patch. he's so freaking cute.
salmon falls, where the american river starts flowing into folsom lake.

manzanita forests.

i don't know the name of this specific lupine...coulter's lupine? 

paint brush.


some sort of indigenous foothill sage,so fragrant.

zags of redbud along the more muted grays and greens of the lower foothills.

diana doing some etsy modeling. i was able to be her preferred photographer. she made this sweet belly top out of a baby blanket.

going over the photos with the crew.

indigo and henna....trying to dye our hair.

diana and her new husband are renting a little place on a christmas tree farm in placerville. it is lovely. this is a lacy dress she made from a table cloth and doilies. her skills never cease to amaze me.

forests nymphs.

and this dress used to be a scarf.

i don't think we evenly distributed the dye enough.

and we made raw choco/raspberry truffles. oh yum yum.

and well, you know, the rocks were calling my name. i felt compelled to go to the local mineral and gem show yesterday. you know how it is. the crystal people bestow me with their powers and i chat with fossil fanatics. 
i was feeling really lucky, and i came home with this handmade moonstone ring. the man who made it practically gave it to me for nothing. i'm always looking for a suitable "ring-finger" ring when i'm in the mood. moonstones are the gems of goddesses and help to ease sleeplessness. no wonder i was drawn to it. ;)

rhyolite. right when i walked in i was told i won.....confusion ensues. but i was able to pick out anything i wanted from a small stoney collection. i picked out these beauties. i tell ya, i was feeling lucky.

i'll let ms edna st vincent villay take you away-

I WILL be the gladdest thing
  Under the sun!
I will touch a hundred flowers
  And not pick one.

go ahead and bloom. and breathe.