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Friday, June 10, 2011

pt III: /cacti soul/ free-fallin'/ going home/paper-work.

we drove through places like manteca and oakdale to get to/from yosemite to/from roseville. i've only travelled 49 so this was a fun route. the hills are wide, empty, and golden.
poot catus farm: heavenly. yes, i will enter.

tyler and i couldnt leave without chatting with poot: an old man in a khaki jumpsuit. he loved these plants and he spoke very kindly of the aloe and other amazing plants we were adopting.

last minute descision: skydiving at lodi airport. we jumped out of this bad boy complete with gas fumes and duct tape on the windows. the hangar was filled with dred-locked folk lounging on stained couches, some stuffing chutes into packs... the skydiving equivalent of beach bums...

no id needed, we signed no waiver. all of a sudden we were strapped in and loaded up. yee-haw. i was afraid i'd break my ankle. :( we jumped out of the plane at 13000 ft. it might be cliche but if your body hasnt fell from the sky high enough that the earth looks like a quilt you're missing out.

it's fun to visit home now that i've moved to roseville...

eggs to gather....

tadpoles to study...

radishes to munch..
pine needles and chicken coops to play with (this pic is an oldie but a goodie.march maybe? this man..)

another oldie. flowers to pick.
strawberries to kitties.....

babies to walk of these is not like the other ones...

legal stuff: i am officially dolly casper. i think tyler is telling the dmv that i want to be a donor/ or that i do not register with any party... i'm not too attatched to smith. there are many out there to keep the blood of that name alive and casper is decidedly cooler.....

teddy wanted a new license picture too:

yeah, his shirt says "mighty ducks." i've been saving that one....

more to come. xoxo

Saturday, June 4, 2011

part II, as promised (home-life/yosemite)

later that night.........(yes....still in the living room..)
this was basically my honeymoon, plus some. organizing, cleaning...

tyler is an expert at gang signs and intimidation.....did i mention there are birds involved? 3 of them.

our tent?

driving to yo-sum-ight. to camp in hodgon meadows.

vernal falls (one of three falls we payed homage to) just keep on following those stone steps and you have a new definition of "stair master." i can't think of a more powerful place to spend with my new husband.

bundled all week. yeah, i did wear that plaid thing the whole time. jealous?

the ahwahnee: woodsy castle of the mountain king, we had a fancy lunch....luckily there was no dress code.

el capitan: monolith of dreams. i've been to yosemite every summer of my entire life.... this place feels like home. this is also where tyler and i first admitted to loving each other, last summer; tidbit. we'll be back in july with my whole crazy-wonderful family.

mirror lake trail? philosophizing, speculating, whatnot. happy to be together.

teddy conked, driving out of the magic valley. he came with my parents and visited us for the last day we were there

tenaya creek: the greenest water. we were sweaters on/peeling layers off pretty much the whole time. maintaining homeostasis was a challenge for us.
lookin' a little rough: vernal falls behind us. it was a gray day and we were hit with steel-gray mist exploding from the falls. the person who took this pic did not speak english. we pretended like we didnt either.

tyler stretches after a hike. whistle whistle.

my handsome chef. he cooked lots of eggs on our new stove. it was fun to christen all of our new camping stuff...i'm sure it'll be with our family for the decades to come.

the great yosemite falls. fast fact: tallest waterfall in north america. she thunders and the shadows from the water's spray dance upon the regal granite face. ty and i wandered around the lower portion of the falls. yosemite is so close to home, i feel blessed to have spent some of my life within this rocky earthen temple.

bridalveil: dreamy rainbow halo spray invigorate!- no, this isn't the "mist trail" of yosemite but we were soaked. we had teddy and the pathway was a mini-river shrouded in misty cloud. the rainbow was nearly a solid, tangible object, it was so vibrant. tyler, teddy, and i stood in the center of the rainbow's halo and laughed in the waterfall's rain.

benevolence: the wisdom found in ancient, living things. merced grove. tyler talking to this wise, giant soul.

trying to stay warm in our mansion tent. seriously, it has a porch. we played cards in here at night. i think maybe he was telling me, "no. mas. video," which, to non-spanish speakers, can be translated roughly as, "STOP. just stop taking pictures of me." :)

good times, yosemite....more to come.

all of these blogger pictures are provided by my phone. what i will do when the digital camera gets uploaded? ? tyler and i also partake in manual photography, so the pictures from the diana camera go without the internet airing-out as well....but trust me, they're good. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

the last thirteen days...part I

tyler went back to work today. i had forgotten that he did, in fact, have a job..
we've spent the last thirteen days together in the kind of reckless daze that newly-weds enjoy, us saying things like, "wait.... we're married?" it's more of a state of being than a definition.

may 21 2011...nothing more perfect than a wedding picnic:

so excited because i happen to have a very handsome husband:

our first day married: (after we passed was the day of calm after weeks of emotional, spiritual, and physical adrenaline pumpin's) presents. presents. presents. we we're literally covered with generosity and was humbling to see how much everyone shared with us.


opening presents as newly-weds only makes sense in matching outfits (thank you, heather!):

and more presents:

the wedding is over but the adventure has just begun!