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Monday, October 5, 2015

mushroom medicine

i don't dilute my experience.

she moved to portland a few years ago.
we visit each other in flaming balls of glory a few times a year.
she sent me an email with a flight itinerary...

a few days before my flight i call her, giddy---and at the same time we both say "let's go to olympic and go mushroom hunting!"

i fly in---she's the inn-keeper at a rad portland house on air bnb...-the next morning the pick-up is ready. we put on the truck bed cover and roll out---snacks music catching up puppy.

birds nest fungi---one of my favorites.

receive receive

much is possible with balance

it's all coming to you---
every time you've focused a thought

or sent out a prayer

she can't shake me off!

spider season

it's all coming

so much good came my way
is coming my way

ran into humans in the forest and discussed
urban permaculture
met mycelium professors and



why why why

yes yes yes

reconnected with my food sources.
the forest floor is a bed of life. of decomposition. of growth.


in the forest, and with the gentle diana,
i truly experienced receptivity.

i practiced it.

i felt it.

so much beauty flowed into my life when i stopped pushing.

i trusted diana's perfect intuition, and learned to release some of my pushy instincts with more a relaxed, trusting manner...
perspective. did not actually make tongue/slug contact. :)

the forest bestowed us with beauty wonder love and healing

lounged in the perfect yellow sunshine for hours and hours
confessions and conversations
secret hoh river 

her karma is immaculate--
she swaddles me with it--

we ramble and ramble,
allowing the earth to comb through our energy tangles
and smooth us to into confident and nourished children,
ready for the return to the routine,
bringing fresh eyes
and a full soul.

figured out why ruby beach was named so----sunsets ruby like a grapefruit
 we both grew up mormon. she was my maid of honor at my very mormon wedding.

we dream about gays getting married in the temple.\
women being ordained with the priesthood.

a church that is more gentle and compassionate.

we have each other to share these ideas with.

she is a true rambler. she gathers her own sea food. cans her own vegetables. makes her own toothpaste. she is the most self-reliant human i have ever met.

observed the harshness of the ocean on the coasts---tree skeletons everywhere---

we watched where the gaping earth swallowed the ocean and merged with the Columbia.
the mother earth girl
boletes stain blue.

diana and rio the cattle dog.

she licks my wounds
and unwraps the injuries
i've been limping around with/
assessing diagnosing soothing

she presses me with moss--
and nutrient dense foods-- she feeds me over and over and over
she makes me sit
on piles of decomposing forest--
throws me into beauty
into stillness
into peace

diana makes friends with all of the plant and animal witches. magic people just find her. she trusts everything. this fellow whale watcher tells diana of an upcoming herb festival in the area.

 we discuss plans.

we turn over every leaf and stump.

i slow down.
the mental and emotional grabbing

and so much flows to me.

the forest feeds itself-
is constantly regenerating,

this is you, she says.
this is the lesson of the forest

there are no worries,
my needs are always met.
have always been met.
we're a little dweeby. (me, actually.)

cape disappointment 

dead man's cove


there is no scarcity.
there is no lack,
release your fear
and accept.

i feel full.

i come home///
having released much of what no longer serves me.
i come home with better ways
and bigger understanding
of direction
and clearer vision.
dead man's cove

::driving past the maritime museum::
diana: ooohh ...that is such a fun museum!
me: *skeptical* what do you mean by "fun"?
diana: it was so informational!!!!

i am so very lucky to have so much love in my life.

thank you, diana. goddess, i love you.
it's been magical.

the bastards made me toss my kombucha scoby and i missed my flight,
but i've been able to condense this journey and solemnize it via blogger
waiting at the pdx gate C 15, which feels like home right now--- ;)


---polly compost