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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

polly kulture:

"re-imagining the suburban landscape..."
specializing in water wise, native, and edible landscaping.
permaculture consultation by dolly.
the recycled paper business card will say something like that, with hand lettering...
starting a business, people.

i just finished another packed 24 hours of instruction/training and i'm still trying to organize the flood of information i've taken part in!

i'm in love with every thing! the work is hard and some of the concepts are difficult to grasp but every topic leaves my eyes wide with wonder, hope, and joy. this is what home feels like.

myco-remediation! mycelium networks are the internet of healthy soils!
restoring over-grazed desertified lands with wild herd mimicry! (prairies had roaming bison, chased by predators, allowing perennial plants to recover, maintaining the soil!)
restoring eroded river beds with careful earthworks!
harvesting rain water!! (did you know that the roof of one 1000 sq ft house can catch 600 gallons of water with one inch of rain fall??)

if you're interested in watching a nature documentary with your children (or on your own) i suggest this one : farm for the future. a wildlife filmmaker turned farmer explores how our current food systems are dependent on fossil fuel, and explores a concept new to her: permaculture. 'tis a great primer for those who want a better underlying concept of what permaculture is about. it's a beautiful little documentary filled with songbirds and foxes and it fills me with the desire to wander british woodlands.
again, i plan to post some more specific concepts as days go by.

inside the classroom: a converted garage.

lunch break on the pond.

surveying the land, like a boss.

digging two swales on contour, like bosses.
 another concept: earthworks. moving soil around to slow, sink, and spread water, like what these swales will do. slowing the water allows it to percolate into the soil, eliminating possible erosion, harvesting rainwater. simple bio-engineering like this has the potential to heal and refill abused aquifers.
from the book gaia's garden

shilo and i, hiding our enthusiasm for applying compost tea in the food forest. two full days together feels like camp. we all have our little jokes.
i look at landscapes with an even broader, holistic perspective. harvesting energy. inputs and yields.
looking toward nature for inspirations and the patterns therein.

sunrise at my parent's

low clouds on the coloma hills.

clovers inoculated with rhizobacteria. mulch.
living the dream!!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


spring reading

strawberry gobbler

i run a worm hotel, my best friends

heirloom bean pride.

tulip poplar


birthday princess revelry. amber, jet, and coral necklace. nude lipstick. 

jumper selfies. nose gay crown. clutter.

the best part.

per my request: local spinach and greek salads.

double the drool. i'm so spoiled. he makes every day the best kind of day. 

coconut cream dream, road stand strawberries.
26 years ago, the legend goes, i was born in two hours and beat the doctor. my mom's easiest birth. :)
it's so good to be here... with that cake.