seeking the wild of the everyday

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

witchy wednesday walk

all i need is nature and a camera

i live astride a great steaming pot of wild.
savoring a few sweet hours of solitude,
caring for the soul.
sidewalks lined with oxalis and mandarin, food everywhere

houses look like this.

shortcuts to more citrus

on their way out

i'm so very lucky to have caught a lot of my favorite flower friends for their short visits!
divine. so in love.
things are changing around here!

violet portrait. pure love.

be still my beating heart, these gorgeous ladies!!

can it be daffodil season already?

soaking it in, taking my time. my senses filled with birdsong and fresh air.

the way home

around the creek
wild jungle of self love. i was seven when i was first bit by nettle. haven't been the same since. :)

stoked about these neighbors.

dreamy sidewalks

witches' grocery sack. 

*regularly poses with large fungi* can i have your autograph???


creek growth
perfectly dressed loves!

tea for strength, courage, and love!

perfect pot for my poisonous mushroom dye potions!!! (cackles--- hee hee heeee!)

ahhhh, worth every sting. feeling so good and strong in myself. a true love potion.
smelling the green
seeing the bird song
feeling it in my cells and bones
and soul.

i must be very simple to get elation from such simple things.
polly c. xo

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

visionary J A N U A R Y

botanical fever/psychic visions

about two weeks ago i had this dream:

my niece was in a maroon cloak, riding a horse through a meadow.
the girl gasped and brought her hand to her brow and the horse stopped.
she was having visions, feeling vibrations, getting a download.

later in the dream my mom told me this incident about my niece.

and i tried to explain to her that i was there too.

that it was me.
that i've felt that before,
the energy, the buzzing----
and my mom kept on shaking her head -- nope.

tiny amazing sustainable food and farm conference in nevada city..this is jm fortier, author of the market gardener.. a bit of a hot shot in micro-farming with his success using hand-tools and no-till practices on less than 3 acres.

creepin' on paul stamets hard. i somehow deleted my photo with him but luckily it made it to instagram!

the plants calling/

rain and
more change

nature walks

california native plant society walk

going to dye some fibers with these gorgeous jack o lanterns!

little hints and clues. inspiration.

reset. reset. constant self exploration. rebirth.

awww, steaming compost and cozy inky caps. luv.

imbolc approaching, some days so goddessamazingly sunny.

my brother built a house in the woods. we spent an afternoon sharing my mother's soup with our kids.



james, a good natured cancer man, fussy and comfy in his snug house.
love it here, great work james and fam, a great place to visit on a sunday afternoon

so cute!

all grown

thai noodle, bell pepper, and mushroom broth

studying up on claytonia
obsessed with organic growth patterns and shapes. 


little snippets of greening oak woods, pristine oak habitats for the wandering and awe.

early bloomer, brodiaea, so in love.

perfect native plant guild: valley oak, live oak, buckeye, toyon, coyote brush, monkeyflowe, all tucked into a little ravine.

late january, the buckeye about to explode!

there are over 200 species of oak in california, an integral key stone plant species, the foundation of many local biomes and animal habitat. late night reading with  the oaks of california ... true love.

sutter buttes as seen from the hills of rocklin, the smallest mountain range in the world.

mini forts

and life jacket dress-ups with avocado toast..
the clarity.

he picks the classics for his book blankets.

"a sunshiny shower won't last but an hour" my folks in pville, where we spent a night just for fun.

rock pile plant community:
in search of: wind sex.

scramblin' boulders and sniffing the air like a wildling. shoes off, feeling primitive.

great natural quarries to explore in rocklin, near my town
seen this guy around?


feeling conflicted about this visionary return to school

will a degree actually unlock more earth saving potential in myself
or is this an academic and ego-ic distraction?

is a degree actually useful?

trying to find my and cultivate my passions in sustainable community and botany via academia? 

hitting road blocks on my quest.....

but then off again to a school that i always feel alive at, with teddy and link!
a school glowing with color.

and kid sized spaces

spirit junkie on a path that i've never been on

hammocks and nets

still got that baby face. <3

no end to

dweeby self portraits: your mom goes to college

do what you love.

when you neglect what you love for what you feel you need to do the heart suffers.

when you do what you love life is sweet.

-knit dance write sing bike, whatever you've been neglecting.

jewel covers in that quiet hour between college and school pick up. guitar neglect is real.

yep. he went swimming in puddles.

dry and attempting a puzzle

three winters, going on four

teddy's published book

i truly admire this kid. his strengths are starting to shine.

know why this school is radical and bad ass?
because it resists the disappointing acceptance of the disappointing norm---
run by parents,
thrown together with love
tucked in between the fairgrounds, a junk yard, and a race track
as an oasis of life and creativity.

violet medicine. walks in this amazing neighborhood.

cosmic lincoln

bed times.

no stranger to shocking lightning bolts
or emotional earthquakes

i've been in transition for the last year,
like a migrating heart through all landscapes and
quick on my feet
grazing when able
scanning the

still curious as to what my true nest looks like

called to plants
soul and body
the green whispers of nettle tonic
the energy of flower essences
herb tea and herb books

nature walks take me to my childhood, walks with my mother

this neighborhood is a dream.

thanks for the memories, color me bad.
today brought to you by yellow and blue.

the perfection of winter fruit and gravity.

giving link a camera lesson, by jove he's got it!

the violets and blues of winter bloomers: grape hyacinth.

nettle patches speaking to me, hearing earth more and more as i remember that i am her.

the new norm has yet to be seen or felt.

some days

feeling so good and deep within the self

aww yeah, feels good to be in soil again, doesn't it? i know how they feel.
not rooting into place
or ego
or someone else
or time

but rooting into the soil of self--

the essence of being alive
and being nourished from there,

flourish from within and thrive anywhere

the nettle tea makes me feel amazing, and it teaches me to love and trust myself.

the only voice in my head is mine.

it's good to be with these guys. 

last night i had a dream:::

i had wandered into a strange hut, the inside like a dark classroom.
people were dancing, huddled in groups, and laughing.

the teacher was a man named Kaypacha (a web astrology duuude if you don't know who i'm talking about)

he was so happy to see me...

he motioned for me to lie on the table.
every one in the room surrounded the table in quiet contentedness
and they proceeded to pour honey and lavender flowers over my body.

it felt like a warm, amazing bath of light.

i was transformed and cleansed
and in complete ecstasy of peace.

blessed imbolc, feel those seeds swell within.

there's a lightness that comes when i realize i cannot wait for everyone's approval before my own.
thankful for life and this path.

polly compost xo