seeking the wild of the everyday

Friday, November 21, 2014


the wall calender says "november."
i wonder what it means.
the cycle ends and beings again, and the Wheel of the Year turns, on and on.*
magic at the farmer's market

beyond the wholefoods and across the street from the mall is a swamp. and an egret.

this is how i celebrate the day, by experiencing it!
 my concept of time is round, circular- i see us near the dark, the underbelly, death and quiet, which slowly gives way to more stillness, paired with the hustle of chill-
it's been wonderful to watch fall come to sierra college, where i walk a long way from the parking lot to class. :)
 then the wheel turns through the dark, toward longer days. grass greens. and so forth, around and around.

but the most abundant summer is followed by winter, as the longest day ends in night. only when one gives way to the other can life go on.*

polypore, "many spored."
 always in transition through the four seasons,
waxing and waning, birth and death, take place within the human psyche and life cycle. each is to be welcomed in it's proper time and season, because life is a process of constant change.*
there's comfort in knowing that, the waxing and the waning. don't resist the waning because it flows into the waxing.
i like to examine mycelium, the earth's internet. 

poison pigskin puffball. how fun is that?

 the calender year, this linear concept, is nearing it's end. how do you measure time?
this is how i tell a story, with odds and ends.

 it seems the sound of the tuesday garbage truck comes oftener and oftener.
the sunday nights when ty goes to work, those flip through so quickly.
the effing queen. for you heather, a sneak peek at my project. ;)

nothing hotter than a dude on a bike.

someone made a buck out of buckeyes at sierra college!

developing spores. gem studded puff ball.

perfectly fresh. earth flavored marshmallow, what we call a "choice edible." ;) ps. if you eat mushrooms that you haven't properly identified i'd like to cite natural selection. re: be smart!

my favorite type of scene: the rain brings the green and the fruiting mycelium.

bolete! another polypore!

the geniuses that brought us velcro.

cottonwood love. if you live near these trees gather the buds after a windstorm to make cottonwood bud oil. rub the buds to smell the resin, piney and sweet.

what perfection in an afternoon looks like.

the main creek that runs through roseville. it is my lifeline.

i'll rage against suburbia til my dying day but there are some parts of roseville that i just adore. progress, people. 

thursday is my work day at teddy's cooperative school. i couldn't resist the bundle that jenny's been haulin' around.

leaves somehow transform the sidewalk.

mackenzie in the redwoods of oakland.
the prettiest pinkest lady i've ever seen.

meadow mushroom, one of the many treats of suburban foraging.
creative collaborations have been non-stop!!! has anyone else been riding a tsunami of creativity? it's been a little daunting!
if you only knew how much i love this picture...

even the most avid member of the "me generation" must ultimately serve the life force, if only as compost.* 

compost is my muse.

xoxo-polly compost

*The Spiral Dance, by Starhawk, pages 44-45