seeking the wild of the everyday

Monday, October 21, 2013

solar powered/lunar powered:

fruits of the season.

my yogi lady diana with her magic lavender kombucha. she's a business woman and sells this stuff to rich health nuts for quite the profit. i love that she grows her own stevia and makes her own stevia extract as well. we spent the young night together practicing yoga under the waxing moon with the balmy october breeze. *sigh* heavenly.
vintage ghosts, teddy's homemade paper and numbers, food grown by friends.


acorn finger

solar powered: beets and grapefruit and orange

mostly full over my scrappy-resisting it's walmart neighbor prairie.

my sanctuary.

hunting burdock, hoping to make some topical medicine for link's gnarly eczema. good for dry doshas.

the root

listen to the crickets as the day ends

the places i bike to be. sprinkler runoff never looked so good.

gathered mint and elderberries for the winter

from my journal, during my moon juice cleanse: i've been struggling. i feel there is so much within that is repressed that my ego wants to keep hidden, and as i examine my appetites and hungers it's clear to me that i use food as a crutch to suppress and cope. so fasting exposes, and of course leaves certain facets of me agitated and anxious and raw and angry, from more than mere hunger. now, i do know that this is to be expected, and am joyful for the many opportunities to become conscious of these patterns and to gently work through them with self-compassionate acts like this Moon Cleanse.

i love plants, i love the glow from juice, the feeling of truly being solar powered and energized. i know that material possessions and external influences do not effect my inner true limitless Self and i would love to place things like spaghetti and donuts into that category as well....but it seems much harder.

since we've started i haven't had one full day of just juice. everyday i start anew, planning on three full juice fast days, buffered on either end with clean raw eating, and by dinner time i've had a small portion of what ever plant-based nutritious meal i've prepared for my small boys. so then i start over the next day, hoping to gain more self mastery to overcome the challenge.

but truly, my mind has never been so clear.
i love to catch scenes like these.

the famous dad-made eagle painting that's rockin' my home. and me, feelin' and loving my androgyny.

in the near future i want to write about teddy's school, it's made living in roseville so much more manageable because he spends a lot of time in a decidedly creative and nurturing child environment. he built this rocket and was able to launch it.

the school kids gather, process, and cook with acorns. swoon.

This eclipse comes to remind us that who we are is written nowhere but in our own hearts, and it is there we will discover it.

 the most georgeous moon emerged pink, like dusk.

completion, total satisfaction
and fullness of life,
feeling wholly perfect and content and aware of the life force-
for the moment truly knowing and feeling you are meant to be exactly where you are,

you blend into the air.

these colors, like life. lichen. dusk.

teddy takes a mean photo.

this moon cycle i was really conscious about my relationship with it..
and lucy opened her own yoga studio and had a party!
charlotte, linky's baby. he has many and lovingly brings them to my chest so they can nurse. no, thanks. he wraps them in blankets and pats their backs.... he's so tender with them.


jared, mackenzie: us reunited.

we gathered apples, grapes, persimmons, tomatillos, etc...

so happy

she's now in oakland, but was visiting her mom's sweet new rental cabin in paradise. please check it out and help me buy it!!!!! we can live there together! day dreaming renewed. 

since i used to work at apple hill i do not feel daunted about going up on a sunday to get my donut fix, even though it could be potentially tortuous for other out of towners. i know the hacks. it's nuts how much dough gets dropped in this area on a sunday!

the face behind the business: eduardo, pressing apple cider since before he can remember. he and his family tend to many of the orchards and vineyards in the area. he hooks a sistah up.

selfies in the orchard.
 where i grew up:

subtle colors in the canyon

my momma's pickled peppers.

my niece autumn helps squirrel acorns for me (how fitting a name.) she says: i don't like acorns. too crunchy. ;)


the sun went down and the light killed me, like fire.

clay pots and acorns

the offering.
if i were a fruit i would hope to be one that goes to seed in october, like the jeweled pomegranate or the spicy persimmon. i am so grateful to have friends who grow food.  (lavender from my yard, rose hips from the nearby watershed.)

he spends a lot of time in the culdesac naked. there's a lot of judgmental looks but i know that linky is as free as a kid could be, regardless of where we live.

i'm surrounded by abundance.
i'm solar powered.
we are all.