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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the dress and other stories...

the pattern. i saw this at the fabric store and just knew dress needed to be this Athenian greek goddess sheet costume pattern thingy.  my bf diana would bring this all together. how rich is this image?
ta da! the dress. throw in a crown of ivy and cedar, some handmade mocs and we're golden.  diana even spent the morning gathering wildflowers. she really hauled her weight around and more with this wedding.

the seamstress, diana my dear.

d, as i like to call her, is on my right. these are my bride's maids. alyssa, on the left, is ty's sister. we went to high school together...i thought her big brother was HOT. :) and the statuesque mackenzie has been a bestie forever and lives in berkeley. 

i like to pick mackenzie up from the train station.
really, the post about my dress is a little past due. diana, you sewed a fantastic dress. people stop her and touch her's really easy to have hair envy around this peach.
stumblin' upon photo goodies like these...
desolation wilderness, ca
mackenzie and me in my special roseville meadow.
coloma, ca
 what i'm really trying to say is: BIG D IS GETTING MARRIED. !!!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

-peace, brother coyote-

two days ago i was walking
through the wetland reserve near our home.

(a small slice of land hugged by houses and strip malls with dentists and smoke shops and a major highway...)

it feels like the last unpaved place in my town.
the last place to see wild grasses and cattails,
willow buds, like pussy willows. 

the native land's natural seasonal sway

you get the sense that the jack rabbit, pheasant, egret, muskrat, red-winged blackbird populations feel a little cramped, but what else can they do?

i go there about every day.
and i saw a coyote, the first since i've moved to roseville.

he seemed bothered, just running about in the grassy space.

an animal without hope,
 a misplaced creature with nothing to loose.

he trotted around in a desperate way, like there was no longer a place for him...

he went up over a slight hill, and sat. exposing himself to the whole world on a newly barren piece of is to be a new movie theater, you see. there is another one across the street.

i sat.

soggy for tad poles and protozoa in the spring.

crunchy and hot and golden in the summer.
lonely and wild and desperate and lost.

there are some subjects that are hard for me to broach.
my stomach shrinks and i'd rather not read pilgrim at tinker creek at the moment, thank you very much.

i'd rather not post this, and stumble over the depth of my feeling,
but it needs to be addressed; acknowledged.

i don't live in the woods anymore.

reading natural histories only pangs me: i am so far removed from a healthy ecosystem.

in this small meadow is a bike path.
here, a googled image of a coyote.
it is as if the city-planners preserved a small space to illustrate what wilderness might have looked like as an educational tool: a relic.
stuffed coyote.
i might be melodramatic but this is as real as it gets, folks. real. the land has been cannibalized. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

native in november...

teddy's latest project. :)
our very japanese meal...cooked by my father-in-law. tyler was in childhood nostalgic heaven.

who does this baby think he is?? watching him learn how to crawl, a little yogi of wriggly mobility, is so bittersweet. he wants it.

...  :(

i love to go out into roseville's untouched places: there is very little remaining.

how wonderful it is to be with the grey willows
and blackberries
and mugwort
and mullein---

we watch for muskrats,
and salmon,
and it isn't so hard to see how the maidu

lived fatly (yet leanly)
off of the meat of deer,
the stalks of cattails,
the meal of acorns.

the land is flat and
bristling with wild grape
winding creeks
full of sleek salmon,


i think
fall is this grassy land's best

she wears.

and green grass
so eagerly
after even
the meagerest rains.

just finding places to be wild.

and alive.
in november the roses bloom again, along with aphids and ladybirds.

flushing jack rabbits in the open lot across our neighborhood. 



grandpa kurt is here to visit!!

look what goo-goo can do. so big. he just learned to pull himself up. it happened too fast! ty found this little walker on the side of the road, and scrubbed it up. he's pretty resourceful. 

his inspiration to practice crawling: rosy, the cockatiel. 

mesmerized by details. a moment's meditation. 

sculpture park. week-old green grass.

a roseville forest

dry creek

mullein, wild grape



my boys don't usually wear camo, but when they do it's usually clean hand-me-downs.

milk face.

been searching for elderberries. a little past their prime, but now i know where to find them for next year. when i lived in the woods i knew where things would be growing, and when to find them: the patch of gem-studded puffballs, miner's lettuce, etc etc. AND NOW I KNOW WHERE TO GATHER ELDERBERRIES! TRIUMPH.

teddy's foraged dill and boat.


my handsome lover.

a goofy pic, but those two teeth popped out on monday! makes nursing a bit treacherous. 

climbing up on daddy! new trick! the last 10 days have been a major explosion of development and growth. i'm flabbergasted...

the goods.

teddy's treasures.

sleeping papoose. :)

who wouldn't want this sleeping bundle on their floor?

halloween peek.

he's never seen ghostbuster's, but he knows it's cool, whatever it is.

tyler made me some bling. haha.

teddy's tiny barrel of monkeys!

satchel in the grass, taking a sit.

lake natomas.

squeezy goo goo at my folks' house.

vestiges of children's imagination by the big manazita.

i came outside to this! quite the predicament! teddy loves to lug linky around.