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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

another year wiser....

...last month i turned 24!

it's been a busy year considering i was unmarried, with one child less, when i turned 23.

my beloveds honored me with some unique gift giving  :)

D came to visit, my dear friend...with lovely flowers and a homemade square dancing dress. :) also with a book titled "this precious earth." she knows me.

and tyler, my sweet, sweet husband, found these old mushroom prints at the thrift store. i love them.

he also thrifted this handsome cock... don't you love the things your mate thinks you'll love? and i do love it. beside the rooster is an oyster mushroom growing kit. i think people know that i like mushrooms. and i do.
he now graces our kitchen; kitchen god.

my second mother tami subscribed me to the absolute coolest magazine in existence...wowza. see if your library has it, there are some amazing articles.

(notice door: dingy gray; before shot.)

(notice door: WOW turquoise! all adobe style. gives the house a bit of personality.) tyler made one of my dreams come true and painted the front door blue. awwwwwww. he's trimming roses with a sleeping babe. now isn't that ideal? :)

thank you, thank you all.

and my 3 readers have probably noticed that the posts here have slacked....with a new pup in the house i figure a post a month keeps me at a semi-active status. ;)

hopefully more to come: craziness is life, truly transcending suburbia, before/after, the wedding....(aren't i ambitious? i think i can. i think i can.)