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Friday, October 26, 2012

landscape pt V... urbanoscity.

san diego. we spent quite some time here...walking everywhere!
of course, we went to the zoo.

tyler loves aviaries. 

and i love bowerbirds.

baby panda! some worker here chastised me for not wearing shoes. laame.

me and leopard seal. alll day.

nursing on the skyfari. who doesn't love a good seat after walking acres and acres of zoo.

loved watching these baby panthers frolic.

we splurged and stayed at the hilton. tyler had  a union conference here, hence our decision to roll south instead of north, like we had initially intended. (lassen, crater lake, bend, time...)

we do love elevators.

san diego nights

in little italy. my squeezies. buono fortuna!

guess who learned how to sit!!!!

sweet melodies at the farmer's market. so. many. raw. foods!!!!

air craft carrier museum. (zzzzzzz....zzzzzzz)

borderlands state park. border patrol, estuaries, big fences, and bajaians just yonder having awesome picnics.

black sand from sewage. throwing peace signs at my fellow earthlings gazing through the slats. border patrol tells me to stay away from the fence. i'm pissed. i want to see that part of the beach; to make new friends.

patrol drives away and a man hops the tall, formidable fence in a weathered wind breaker. he runs for it.

soo high. the bay.

little lovah.

torrey pines state beach.

i let linky go hog wild, hoping this beach wasn't polluted with sewage.

i felt like a major boss taking two kids to the beach all day, by myself... especially removing the sand, packing up, and getting dry to leave. that's the challenging part.

our home for the day.

cabana boys. 

teddy loves the pool. the pendulum swings: i love to camp...he loves hotels. oh well.

oh, linkerton. so fun, cuddly, a little teddy bear.
and that, folks, wraps up our coast trip. xoxo

landscape pt large

 a leg of our trip was spent at my aunt's beach house. it is a special place, with a picturesque beach for a back yard. let's just say my aunt is very generous to trust us ruffians to her home. :)

teddy dancing in the sunset surf.

morning tea. so relaxing and lovely. i couldn't imagine a lovelier beach..and it was all ours! que perfecion! 
view from the living room.

a little game of sorry.

watching the sun set.

raking the beach. we would get up in the morning and play outside all day. it is so so amazing to live right on the beach like this...

full of beachy details

and interesting brick a brack

yeah, lots of buddy shots. :)

my beach combing buddy.

dana point at low tide

blue anemone...scientific nomer: green.

good tide pooling.

bat stars and sea snails

clean, modern details.

bunk room, a favorite locale for the sister's retreat my auntie hosts here.

viola, family portrait. 
deborah, many many thanks. we had a BLAST!!!! sorry to miss zach's project gathering by mere days!