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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


(because i don't feel like censuring myself.. i tell my own story.)

farmer's market on saturdays in auburn, since i work during the tuesday market in roseville.

the coolest things grow in my compost. :/

the ear muffs are buns. he has a belt and a blaster. clearly we're dealing with princess leah. he tells me at least 20 times a day that he's princess leah. "i'm princess eeya!" "princess eeya has a blaster!" he describes what he's doing: "princess leah rides a motorcycle! vroom!" (his bike.) and, the best part when we go to bed linky tells me "say: goodnight princess eeya!"

 there's something so magical in these foggy january winters. i miss the rain, i start to fidget for it, but i'll take the fog anyhow.

i've been spending a lot of time with people a smidge of a generation younger than i. it's fascinating. the new wave of revolutionary anti-materialists.... they're expert texters. i feel a little left out but i feel like i can live most genuinely as myself without a cell phone. (i may retract this in a few months...)

social dynamics of a suburban cul-de-sac.

 i love the way my yard must look to the neighbors; unkempt, filled with birds and weeds. to me it's not nearly wild enough- it'll take years for enough plants to mature for me to be satisfied.
 eggshells from the compost layers scatter into near by yards.
 the neighbor kids bicker and play like a pack of young dogs, tugging at toys and yelping with glee as they chase each other.
i walk the sidewalk s with a camera and a notebook. no one has ever seen anyone like me around here.

tiny sandbox.

the evenings begin to linger. they stay out until dark.
 what i want to do is wander into the garage and scrounge for tools to patch up the shanty-coop in the backyard, but i am lost observing play.
friends are coming!
 one kid shouts: let's have a water fight! i roll my eyes.
lincoln, a true jedi.

vanessa works on a "basket" for basketball.

little red riding hood comes to play.

 a neighbor kid yells "what the hell?!" and all of them immediately look over to me- i am impassive. there is no reaction. play resumes.
 these neighbor girls are playing "explorer/survivor." they have an assortment of questionable tools. these kids are just as scrappy and imaginative as i was during my country childhood. playing outdoors does wonders.
"hey everyone! the moon's awake!" little red riding hood.
 friday night in old roseville with olivia:

fog is magic.
 i am decidedly a doesn't mesh well with the care of young children and i prefer to enjoy my mornings. there is something so fun about being 26 and finally going out. i've never really done this before...remember i had teddy at 19!!
 i've learned that i am socially awkward. :)
"you're taking pictures? take mine!" "okay, hold really still!" :)

olivia's face says it all.

 i wander the alleys.

"it's my birthday, i'm 25 and i feel SO OLD!" "oh yeah? what are you up to? why do you feel old?" "ugh, haven't done anything with my life, it took me this long to get a bachelor's degree!" "what's next?" "med school!" alright, move along. kids these days.

linky reads olivia a children's bible.
 we bring home new friends:

the animal place, near grass valley in the most glorious green and buzzing foothills.

 these hens were rescued from a battery cage operation. i'm honored to give them a place to stretch their legs. dreams do come true.

oh dear. off to a tricky start. linky let them out in the front yard!

"don't chase them! be very still!"

i must say: i'm in love. only two are named so far: wild style and elvis.

now to just train them to roost in their coop in the evenings!!!! <3 <3 :)

 closing shift at a vegan restaurant:
my littlest newest love olivia; a kindred.

"oh great. dolly's here...."

chana wrap in the works.

 we skitter around a tiny kitchen, telling stories and yelling "knife!" as we walk with one to the sink. my first closing shift with these kids was like magic. as we put on some music to help us with our work three out of four of us suggested we listen to BRAND NEW. it was love at first shift.

the devil is in the details. do you want avo with that?

 have you've ever been someplace where you just feel like you belong?
jake, our considerate capricorn.
scoundrels, ryan and jake.

 i love these kids.

this is evolution. it has been overwhelming, but so overwhelmingly welcome. i invite the future.

the truth will set you free.

looking to round up a farming crew this summer.
let me know if you are interested!

xoxo polly compost

(is it too soon to say that i am smelling the earliest hints of spring?)

PS: my sister glory just gave birth to her baby boy at home and the world is still humming from those vibrations!! i just wish i knew what the baby's name was but we're all so excited for this child and glory's amazing birth journey! xo
labor, photo courtesy of my sister amy. <3