seeking the wild of the everyday

Friday, November 27, 2015

manifestation station/ 2.0

what are your thoughts focused on?

my mind is so monkey like,
i get a little bit of everything i dwell on pulled into the material plane:


be conscious of your thoughts.
empower yourself.

and occasionally i'll give into that pity party. the tears will be heavy.
but then the little cloud rolls away,

i get my ass kicked.
my job is tough.
i miss my kids...

and the fighter returns.
my guardian angels cheer, SHE'S BACK!
[high fives all around...]

and i think:


living the commute by bike dream

the rainbow vision dream

little boys amongst the fall colors

the cub who pats me at night and keeps me warm

my helper

cousins, 6 months apart.

and teddy's 8th birthday! as a hippie mother i inwardly deplore plastic and toy fire arms. enter two children who gravitate toward both. I FOUND 30 PLASTIC NERF GUNS IN A DUMPSTER!!!!! commence birthday party. each cousin was able to take a nerf gun home. talk about freegan/recycling for the win!!

apple pie oh my.

daddy and a sad ivy, my niece

5 of my beautiful siblings!!

dad orchestrates the group photo.

my gorgeous teddy is always game to crack acorns. just kidding. those are legos.


my mother and favorite chandelier aglow.

link in the middle, with autumn and willow, my little scorpion fraternal twin nieces.

brother carl at a family dinner

sand box at school!

thankful the boys go to a school built and governed by community and children. this place heals many of my heart aches.

even made acorn cookies with teddy's class! they helped gather, crack, grind, and bake! check out those bare footed cuties.

so much chicory blue stamen beauty.

my bedmates. i groan a little, but this photo makes everything alright.

neighborhood alleys make for great adventuring.

"spider said you can't be cool if you don't have legs.."  teddy reading diary of a worm to link.

cozy space inspo

cattail entrails

winter time, slowing down, taking stock, evaluating needs, the crew, everything. farm: on hold.


full moon in downtown sac

barbs. babes. in my eyes i'm an old lady mom chillin' with 23 year olds. young at heart, wild forever.

alicia the queen. moving to seattle soon.

color days in nevada city

our cozy little bedroom. always needed to be better organized to get the most use from tiny spaces!

teddy is definitely creative.

our tiny house!

and the creek we walk to.

these boys are always ready to ramble.

puffball treats.

taking selfies, trying to find one i actually like of myself. #growingpains

thankful my boys get to play where i got to play.


the old form is falling away. luckily nature finds a way to recycle that into continuous energy as we evolve.

surly at the thanksgiving feast 

busted this day, pained. thankful for this boy.

friends edition: charades.

these two are moving away. it's been real, y'all.

the most beautiful little ex husband anyone could ask for, hiding behind one of the many fruit trees i planted in that suburban yard. our marriage may be over but the love and friendship isn't.

go outside. do your own thing. find truth.

scat nerds unite.

edge dwellers.

november magic

nothing slows me back to center/zen like the earth and a camera in my hands. xo

i work at a restaurant bigger than a mega-church as a pantry chef. and i think i'm kicking some serious ass there. i've never been so challenged by work before...but i dig it. we always get what we need.
my loves and their little magic school.
pretty much the daily prayer.
neptune and capricorn pulling you apart?
gettin' hit with nostalgia hard?

there is healing in the earth, with gratitude for our experiences,
and in the present.

life is so utterly wild and beautiful and messy.

polly compost xo