seeking the wild of the everyday

Monday, September 19, 2011

land of many suns,,,,

(written late august, with intentions of posting....i'm determined to keep posting/journaling thoreau style, even if its fragmented and non-current.)

i dont know what it is...

perhaps i just, like most humans in their natural state, enjoy the path of least resistance:

personally (as in, my person) its the road.

the road,

new places,
home tent or home tarp,
it dont matter as long as the ones you love are around.

it seems to makes so much more sense than, say, getting around to signing the kid up for pre-school, or organizing fabrics...etc...

couldnt one always live like this? perhaps its easier knowing that there is a house to come home to if

road life ever got too rough....
(we got home, and then stayed outside and laid on the driveway. we couldnt go in just yet...)

but i cant imagine ever tiring of it.

at the moment i dont have words for the heaven i bumped along in with tyler and teddy, but for now i feel content just to post some of my favorite photos, and then to return to my happy, simple life. i love you all. so much.

nothing could be more welcome than this slick and refreshing waterslide in sedona.
how could you sunrise at grand canyon.
teddy's picture. him and his little dusty shoes wandering about.
my first time at the grand canyon. this is me being filled up with something i have always wanted. drops hit me and lightning illuminated this rocky goddess. we ran to let our eyes soak it in before the thunderous light disappeared with the night.
he took to the road quite well, with nothing but the world going past his window to entertain and nullify. he is a handsome little prince.
transporting teddy up and down the steep red rocks
fresh alpine and two souls.
i dont fight the desert. i dig it. solar volt.
oh man, ,my little cave cadet. lehman caves were elegant and delicate. teddy was fascinated. the skies at great basin were as black as they ever could be, the way the maidu and pioneers used to see they sky. it hurts to know were losing that with constant, blaring lights and electricity. if one cant look outside the sphere, past the other side of blue sky to infinity and blazing stars, then the ability to ponder life has been diminished.

we wandered a few thousand miles, hit up about 7 national/state parks, hiked a new bit of earthen everyday, for about 10 days. filled our marrows up. but these are just the statistics and not the soul.
we'll be out again soon.