seeking the wild of the everyday

Sunday, December 20, 2015

magic school

a land where wilderness is preserved

where "play is nature's wisdom, being enacted."

the wildest,

nothing but their little wild and creative urges safely supported with art supplies and things to climb and dress up and snack time.

there is no curriculum.

it really is a place where i have seen the purest of childhood energy.

it takes me back to my childhood. connects me to source,
where energy was free in my body, called kundalini,
a creative force.
i love it here, at roseville community preschool, founded decades ago by early childhood educator/psychologist bev boz

paper station
stacks of beautiful books

wooden blocks and shapes

a miniature of the preschool! :)

cozy little loft


tiny hammocks

drying art and the clay table

i dress dolls when no one is looking

plenty of dress up

and instruments 

sand sand sand, shovels, trucks, dinosuars

and the wrecking ball swing that the kids love. 
so thankful for this place.
"we are all the eternal universe...." -alan watts

the wildness of childhood is alive and well
unschooling with the support of community,
anything is possible with community

polly compost

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

persimmon season

the beginning:
three years ago, in eugene or, with my cousin. my first time spinning.

renee tully, the woman who taught me how to knit. she was an Auschwitz survivor, a true star. i was her little pupil and i now have her wheel, which is a blessing beyond measure. 

she'd hold sheep shearing parties every spring. :) picking the fleece. thankful for the exposure to more love.

pro-tip: when crashing a fiber guild christmas party, wear your finest hand-knit scarf from your beloved cousine.
 "it was called five lesbians eating a quiche!"
 "my tomatoes did incredible this year......"
 local, homegrown food.

 discussions of sign language and how everyone's gardens did

 a clan of wisdom.
a coven of witches

(feeling very thankful...)
mesmerized, in my happy place with these wheels

 "spinning because knitting isn't weird enough!"
 the grey ones, who have been part of the guild for decades, are deferred to for wisdom.

 so in awe, feeling that shift towards a handmade heartmade life

 the gift exchange burns my heart... pineneedle baskets. socks. handspun yarn.  no garbage. no wasted space or purchased gifts. everything is useful and thoughtful and beautiful.

 finding my tribe.
 finding inspiration. what calls to you.

 women like this have carried me. i feel warm, like a young orphaned animal that has found shelter; someone to teach her the ways that others have forgotten. there are not few of her kind and she knows immediately when she's home. it's unlike any other feeling. a sense of bliss in self.
 scotch tension.
double tension.
my heart sings
when i watch these wheels.
geeking out hard.

these powerful estrogen machines.

there is beauty in taking time to make your own useful things. handmade life.

the heart calls us home. listen. go out of your zone of usual to find even more beauty.

polly compost