seeking the wild of the everyday

Monday, February 16, 2015

there's nothing more beautiful

than life right in early spring,
right now.

spot me on the log? (like a turtle.:) )

living in a valley where there are numerous bird migratory routes---
my ears,
my eyes---

the whirlbling (made that up) of sandhill cranes forces my ears and eyes to strain. this is the sound that my mom would go beserk for every spring/fall, always near the same dates. "THEY'RE HERE! THEY'RE HERE!!!!!!!!!! SANDHILL CRANES!!!! SOMEONE FIND BINOCULARS!!!! i do the same thing now. always for a moment you can hear their calls, so far up the sky these massive birds fly. they make a perfect line of birds, it pays to be outside. :)

what a treasure
i like to think this photo sums up my life. adventure amongst the mundane. ;)

teddy picture.

to be outside

even the culdesac is graced by orion

farmer's market haul. (i don't really know what's up with link but i like it. ;) )

happy valentine's day to meee!

oh, boy, gotta little lichen growing on me! <3 in the works and still healing. youch.

if this is what life looks like then i am a lucky girl indeed.

greeting every old flower friend,

douglas iris! 

swoon---mid-february hound's tongue. these are the early bloomers.

i knew they grew in clumps, only ever finding a few plants on my parent's property as a child. and near rattlesnake bar, the hills near folsom lake, i saw small meadows of houndstongue. it's like i fell into a faery glen.
i think my favorite part about these daffodils is that they're the gift i re-give myself every spring, since i planted them :)

visiting for such a flash,
our yearly wait over,
for now--

playing with new friends,
but feeling as old and
familiar as,
old friends.

probably the most perfect portrait of these two: carl wears an excessive amount of denim and olivia cross-stitches.
(...mouths "tool school?"...anywho.)  link is what we'd call a hybrid: kombucha and pizza. :)
babe alert.

and new opportunities to
define what
life looks

this is why i wear a camera around my neck: look at this picture.
i love getting handsome visitors at work. :) <3<3

work sunsets. :)

to have the courage to improve
and receive more
of life's
this cracks me up.

walking in the rain must be the most perfect
thing i have ever

this spring.

now is the time.