seeking the wild of the everyday

Thursday, January 21, 2016

winter journey

i had signed up for a permaculture workshop in ojai to advance my skill set in greywater systems,

and cob structures.

last minute i cancelled, gathered up my chicks,
and we hit the road:

anything goes.

i was on a quest to commune with self, the wild, trees and mycelium.
to keep my children nurtured and comfortable while showing them glimpses of the world.

the creek that runs through our neighborhood.

fog in novato

slime mold, golden gate park.

typical: i forage, they climb.

linky plays in the oxalis

japanese tea garden

it's january. they played like this for two hours. linky ran while stripping to get to the sea

soggy night and pitstop in the redwoods

rainy redwoods left their mark on my notebook

due east, in the heart of the motherload

seeing fungus everywhere in the archetype of the mother

ribbons and gills of minerals.

dizzy in the womb

they requested this photo. ;)

the gentle winter green foothills of the sierra nevada are imprinted on my psyche. roll down hw 49 for magic.

so so very thankful for this extremely fuel efficient vehicle that allows to me roll often while spending and using quite little. thank you, tyler, for giving me this car without any hesitation. i can't imagine it was easy.

the necessities.

teddy teaches link letters.

cocoa in the warming hut, where there's a big fire and little old ladies who give away hot drinks.

magic. calaveras big trees.

little boys and ancient sequoias. 


we put on everything we had in the car. i wasn't really prepared for snow but we improvised and lasted as long as our toes would let us.

someone really really missed his daddy. baby exchange in placerville

last stop: nature walk with my momma and teddy. poor photo, but this little guy is no more than 6 inches tall with the most perfect face. pygmy owl.

teddy and mom listen to the frogs in the late evening. the days stretch out just a bit longer. there's softness in the green grass.
home, gypsy room of love and doom funded by my part-time salad slinging.
wandering with my children is coming to my core of being.
more trips to come.


polly compost. xo