seeking the wild of the everyday

Sunday, November 27, 2011

small wonders...

(i am grateful for what I am and have. my thanksgiving is perpetual. it is surprising how contended one can be with nothing definite - only a sense of wealth is not possession, but enjoyment.. henry david thoreau)

after (above photo). so much more space to try to dig in a little deeper and harvest more. i've adjusted to suburbia, at least much more than this summer. i know that we can still live unaffected by what's around us with extra diligence and creative resistance.
tyler and i ripped up ugly old plants. with my honda. it might've been excessive, but it was wholly satisfying.
expansion of body. miracle. so cozy in stretchy clothes. only three months left or so, and it's been a peaceful, wonderful time. yoga to connect with the growing, creating body, and what my body is capable of. to become aware, and see inside. (the proclivity of our regeneration.)
(yellow coral fungus.) grows out of the pines needles. no misnomer here.
placerville with m, a true friend, and dinner with her family.
this guy/gal really loves to chomp on my rose. he/she has been there for about two weeks.
foggy walk, water's smoke. the maples scatter gold the on the ground. we love a good fertile mushroom hunt.
hard to indentify, but clearly loving the decaying toyan leaf.
nothing like a good ramble.
dinner at the folk's. bonny and sean think this photo is clever. it was a cozy evening of chirades and the like.
tyler and teddy both like to examine long pieces of grass, exploring near roseville.

wendell berry said that to treat life as less than a miracle was to give up on it.
my thanksgiving is daily; perpetual. a bouncing, healthy four year old with a fresh perspective, and who offers the best of companionship; a mate who listens, entertains, contributes, and is nothing less than a bright, shining light in my life- callouses on my hands, celebrating the every day, feeling life inside of me, growing up within a large family in the woods. et cetera infinitum.

Monday, November 14, 2011

some day back in may -ode to tyler-

not professional dancers.

it, has happened:
just about six months into the marriage i remember the wedding pictures.
amy took these wedding ones, and i must say they are some of my favorites.

i remember that day. how it felt like the end and the beginning and we wanted to be together forever. well, it seems like we still have a long way to go, and that's just fine.

(what a party. and what an impeccably handsome groom. my wish is to spend the rest of my existence with him. can he really be mine?)

at six months (or however long any two committed people have been together) i can feel the complexity of two distinct individuals trying to combine their lives in a functioning, fulfilling, and compassionate relationship. i want to be this person's best friend. tyler, my dad calls you "miracle of miracles." he's right. dicks like I made it. let's never stop focusing on this love.

here it comes:
now, i've seen blogs titled : the bestest husband in the world. or to that effect, and i've generally planned on avoiding that template-- but wait, lest i speak too soon (because blogs are cheap). tyler, here's to you, your proverbial "world's best husband" coffee mug. drink from it with pride. so, i wont exactly be elaborating on your higher qualities as much as i'll just simply be posting pictures of you. you'll handle it gracefully i'm sure. because a blog could never say enough.

it's dork and dork jr. (yes, that is a goofy movie reference.)

a reel party. and i'm just as crazy about you. tell me your secrets.

you are like green grass magic. cooling and calm. i love that we share a home and a bed. i love sharing with you.

i hope you forgive me about the time i missed your beard. i'm ashamed for the silly way i acted.

but, i mean, c'mon. look at that thing. it's glorious. (happily it's something i can enjoy along with the seasons in a natural cycle.)

we look so happy here. i can feel it and i want to cry. god bless you tyler. have patience with me. this life on earth is here for us to soak in and really feel. learning so much. let us never narrow up and grow petty. we can have this all days.
i needed someone else to hold teddy's other hand. and i can rest easy.
to me you're the sweetest thing alive...knowing i'm alive as well. and with our son coming so soon. it feels like we're building a pyramid from clouds and moss, feeling the wind. we can do all of these things and do them well. let's explore together.
you are thinking: it's hot. really hot. i love how you are pretty much always smiling. there's something to be said about cheerful people.
you are so many things. versatile and unique and capable of the broadest mind set. kind to every one. without judgment. you even know how to fix computers and get harry potter movies for me from the internet. your tolerance of harry potter speaks volumes. your acceptance of me (wanting to: dig up the lawn for tomatoes, birth the baby in the tub, home school, riot, chew garlic, attribute everything to yoga...) is saintly. your listening is humbling.
remember that time we rollerbladed/biked to wholefoods and those guys yelled "fags!" at us? those poor, poor people.
4th of july. we havent been at this marriage thing for too long.
you and teddy make so much sense to me. all of my wonderful threads have been woven together by your love. fifi and fido.

right now you are up in the tower.
and you, my love, are the stuff that dreams are made of.

at least my dreams.

and so, ahem, we've only just begun.
and i like that.