seeking the wild of the everyday

Monday, July 8, 2013

a study of heat.

we were blasted with heat.


it drove my community toward mad consumption of many things, both tangible and abstract.
i kept still. (well, not really....i fear i consumed more than my share of fossil fuelzzzz... :/  )

yes. yes is all the universe is saying. (ty gave link his very loved dennis the menace doll ...... )

my arm is soooo straight! bolinas, bonita. the day was prototypically beachy.

 bolinas whispered a sweet siren call into my ear. anarcho-agro-community with it's own currency? why your stinky small bungalows so expensive??????
eat your heart out, body-part-specific-insecurity. i am wholly lovable, not just some parts.
this blue vervain always surprises me with it's blooms, lining the pond with a purple border.
a study of: marsh plants in heat

evening primrose, giving up the ghost

108 degrees, one of the cooler days. we moved slow. kept still.

"teddy, let's go home."

peaches all up in da hood. multiple trees in my neighborhood. i've made peach: leather, ice cream (with coconut milk), and pie. the local cukes sit with ice and A.C. vinegar. yum yum yum, favorite quick cool chips.
the next five photos were taken at a place called Pi Pi. please go.
space ship, columbine 

bush lupine? cow parsnip?

i want to call it a lilly...

cool deep clear water.

heaven: another study. (frog lake/ carson pass.)

july fourth with the flurry of wildflowers.

aka: Keep It Simple, Stupid. xxxx
i left roseville for a few days. it was too hot. here was where i found sweet retreat.

nearly 9000 ft, see the sage.

not flax? but i called her flax.... 

when i look at flowers that i can't indentify so many words come to mind. i think of terms like: penstemon , butter weed, cinque foil, four o'clocks, umbrel..... this is what happens when you grow up looking at field guides. i could use a bit more practice.

but how could one forget?

an austrian went yodeling on a mountain top, hi!. (bad camp song.)

say wut????
 a lesson on trees:
by lowell smith
"look for the twist part way up the needle."

red fir.

sap pockets, young white fir.

lodgepole pine (corn flake bark), white fir.

mountain hemlock, needles fan out from all sides, lacy appearance.

some unknown mystic beauty.

hair, yarrow.

succulents. brain flowers.

fuzzy weird pinkies

little blue water color sky.

my nieces and nephews play all day.

a study of: country life.
aloe after our hike

while the rest of my patria is lighting things on fire my mom and i make strawberry jam as the sun goes down. this fresh food must be put up in the larder. :?

well, sparklers for the kids.

summer mornings are always filled with possibility at grandma's house in the country. we move so slow, there is no pretense or schedule. i hang diapers on the line.

and i picked some dandelion greens from the lawn, plums from the tree.

our prize, food for winter.

summer, woodpile.
(some mumbo jumbo about that time i renounced all earthly materials for love of brahma and then this little beauty rolled into my life. did i mention i don't believe in coincidence?) tyler is a wizard, and he plans on converting this into an electric vehicle. he's got some sweet interests. they balance out my flower sniffing ones quite well. 

it's nothing less than divine, really. all of it.

dedicated to flopsy, who stumbled upon some newly planted oleander in our neighbor's yard.
(we love you, sweet, sweet rabbit,) and luke, my newest little nephew in montana. can't wait to meet you.