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Thursday, May 12, 2016

expecto patronum

we finished harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban tonight.

honeydukes and lupin and patronus charms...
teddy and I have even more to talk about now.
gardenia and shady streets and sandals. mm mmmm mmmmm.
my biggest regret is if I've ever acted in a way that led you to believe you weren't loved or wanted, because you are very much adored. this guy is a pure nugget of gold and cynical wit. you can hang out anytime.
 life has been full and busy and bursting and today summer came.
and I took a nap in the heat.
 my participation day at the radically simple community preschool, just about the most nourishing space created by humans for the nurturing and protection of wild children.

they run around half naked, eating snacks and creating and playing to their hearts content.
it is a refuge for my own inner child to bask in their energy.

I was in area a today (the art area.) I can't resist the colors.

 land before time.

 all sorts of dinos come to play. the kids dig dams and lakes in the sand and create their own little worlds.

first cosmos in our first urban garden. barefooted and recalibrating.

teddy and his peers' rainbow affirmations. :)

drowning in jasmine's intoxicating summer scent.

rad bad little appleseed lad. our eyes swirl with visions of lush green realities.
 to me community is the place where your needs are met////  where you don't need to travel far, or at all, (other than to sate wanderlust)...
undeniably giddy. vegetable high.

like candy

work scenes. handy work. #unappetizing.

snuggles with a limp and hot sick puppy.

mmm.....honing my craft. :)

settling in to slow down.

the compost machine. like a bat outta compost.

I've settled in but the wildness seeps out. oak and sweet pea.
"take a picture of me because I feel triumphant for recycling vegetable scraps from work."

only the sweetest baby French breakfast radish!
this little climber impresses me so much.

my curious George reincarnate. i'm sorry I was so crabby with you tonight. I had to pick you up after you were asleep just to hold your teddy bear body and tell you I loved you. you snored and patted my back at the same time.

Michael pollan in defense of food  learning about nutritionism vs nutrition. margarine being a good example of nutritionism. he follows the American journey from food to food-like substances, examining important US gov't food
regulations and the power of food lobbies.

starhark dreaming the dark  "magic politics spirituality community" who would I be without this witch's writings?
back to the drawing board.
getting older and really learning that life isn't a race from one vision to another--

the garden teaching me that roots follow the water as it seeps down.

polly c

happy flippin' summer----drowsy already from the California heat, and digging it.

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