seeking the wild of the everyday

Saturday, March 14, 2015


 we brought the fish child home for his birthday.
 one of those fluky magic 75 degree days with no breeze. just radiant heat.

the earth erodes and creates. i too am shaped by sun, wind, and water.

a mass grave of tide-beaten beauties.

how could anyone ever feel alone in such a magical universe?

 how three years fly. i can hardly remember the day he was born, but it would be impossible to forget--
we worked together through our fear, pain, and uncertainty- to certainty: the babe nursing in my arms (which he relishes still this very day...)
in the water for hours.

"when things are good, we should take a polaroid." -tim kasher
 when i hold him i can still sense that this is the human-babyhood. our culture expects three year old's to be so grown up and independent.

i don't think i need to write my love for bolinas
i am subdued by the sea-

the rhythm of the moon
crashing on the shores-

it slows all of my over-active fiery energies and i smolder comfortably on the sand, blissed out
by my own
 it's a medicine day.

 we eat white flour and chocolate bunny crackers.

i read poetry out loud to myself, wanting to give myself shivers from deep and beautiful thoughts.

 farmer kidz:

feels like home.
"rag tag" would be an apt description of the crew at cattail hollow. they're quite endearing.

it starts with sharing a dream. and a dreamy piece of land. and some dreamy kids.

teamwork makes the dreamwork.;), haha. but this is what my dream looks like: like-minded idealists ready to resist the norm, return to the land, and DIG.
we plan to sell some farm shares, hoping to feed the community this summer. let's just say that i am ecstatic. no one can take me off my cloud because it's rooted firmly in the fertile earth. ready to take the joys and sorrows that come with farming. :)
 some pretty miraculous things all around me.

momma bear and nursling cub in a roseville wildflower meadow.
bike kidz.

 a photo for the annals of time: princess leia has her cake, and eats it too. grandma tami and grandpa kurt impressed all of us with their cake skillz.

perfect little duo, father and son.

the folks!

i am the wise crone, the dewy maiden, the nurturing mother.


baagan kidz:

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom

the air smells
so sweetly
of life.

there is pain,
but the kind a child feels
during a growth

love to all!


  1. You are blossoming indeed, a wild rose in the sun. My heart thrummed to the Bolinas sights right away, and I am impressed at Linky's bravery, running into the waves like that. My little Toot seems like a whirlwind but she is immediately subdued by the immensity of the ocean and the power of the those waves. I don't think I realized Link was such a little Piscean swimmer. But you, yes I did realize that you are the maiden, mother, crone all in one. Your face in these photos is pure bliss. Cattail Hollow is the best name for a farm space I've ever heard. I'm excited for you, and that makes me excited for all of us.

  2. Woo WHOOO!! i like this. i love this!! i want some more of it!! such a lovely pretty lively girl and her guys!! beach trip 101!! That is what I'm a looking for when we come out next week. we want the BEACH!!! and joes wedding of course. can't wait for that kissing fast to be over. I love you. you are so radiant and I love seeing ty in the adventures too. Linky is the best and we all know it but it has to be said every blog because i can never get over his cuteness to boot!!! I love his party soo much!!!! heart heart. and it looks like you are up to no good saving the world - wink wink.. but hello!! you found and entered my heaven you must mUST take me to it! that hillside with all those lovely wildflowers. those were always my fav growing up and i felt so lucky when one crossed my path on my walks at home. What are they called??? and you got the best picture of the paint brush I have ever seen!!! swoon. We should paint each other with them. wouldnt that be fun. an invisible paint of love and courage, hope and wild dreams, the will to act on them and to be free from what ever we are suffering from. I want to hear what you are doing you. I love the pics and the glimpse but need DETAILS sister!!! xxXoO kiss kiss big kiss little hug Big hug.

  3. and also if you don't have a matching twins jumper for me than i hate you..