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Monday, March 7, 2016

quiet time

quiet things

eclipse season...

on quiet days i do quiet things.

no rush of to-do lists.
no big energy play dates,

taking me-time between sleeping and work shifts, thankful that my children have such wonderful and loving support systems from their families while i work, and that i can enjoy following my passions.

relaxing in childs pose and listening to simon and garfunkle is probably the best descision i can make today. #feelingroovy

 nature walks
healing. re-calibrating.    i fell asleep listening to the rain.


i try on clothes.

creek side mandarin communion

organize the closet.
(peek into tiny house.)
the office

keeping up with clutter-- we've gone from a two-story home to one bedroom--- still culling through possessions. :)

resting cave

green drinks and dancing to wake up before a shift.
back yard.

the girl who stares at sticks.

i decide to leave an hour before my shift to stroll the glistening and damp neighborhood. instead of taking a left i take a right. i smell the hip local coffee shop on the corner and decide to peep my head in. as i entered the door i walked straight into a girl i've been thinking about for the past 4 days!

i squeezed her and said "you're the reason my heart told me to go this way!"

a new/former co-worker--- she trained me right as she was finishing her time at the kitchen, and we fell into one of those deep and cosmic friend connections.
another bad ass feminist kill joy kindred.

as we hugged goodbye she said "let's hang out and eat mushrooms." my kind of girl.
dreamy neighborhood sidewalks.

admiring my colorful handy work.

my office. i just love it.

back alley dumpster runs.
 the kitchen has a mythical cast----------   the amount of laughter has reached new records in my life.
it feels good. a doting jolly chef with antics and characters straight out of early nineties adam sandler films. ;p

not to mention the from scratch high quality and creative aspects of the food...

lots brewing, so much to come.

post shift sit. 

wendell berry essays in the dive bar--- --------

midnight walks home.

 the rain has brought so much loveliness!

teddy gets tricky on his bike.

stopped by the preschool to give linky a squeeze. he's with his dad tonight.

 my life for the last two/three weeks has been a happy blur.

intense dreams, many blossoms, sleepy mornings, nature walks--

surfing these piscean tides like a pro, dipping beneath curling waters and soaring with bliss

occasionally wiping out and going under (disoriented, a momentary panic as i swirl around, battered by the salt water)

(broken car bills, adjusting/adjusting/adjusting, tragically intense moments of midnight loneliness)

find the surface, catch my breath, take a quick break on the board,
and then right back up again when i see another wave coming, a smile on my face.

i'm getting this.
i hear my heart.
i trust the change.

so grateful for the wisdom that plant medicines have offered, speaking true love.
thank you, violets, for teaching self-compassion

yarrow and strawberry, for keeping me together.

finding creativity with food seasonal food. i adore plant based cuisines and vegetables are always singing!!

fairy hot spot.

this creek!!!!

some specimens require closer examination. :)

post shower sunshine, sticks, silvery shadows, scooters.

freegan scores. that's a pink broom stick for this fabulous witch. garbage excellence.

i love my neighborhood. it's like going back in time.

little scientists. my housemate's son is like a brother to teddy. i follow them around as they wander the neighborhood.


my little spry and scrappy huck finn.

nature's candy
blended with almond butter and coconut milk: vegan orange dreamcicle. heavenly.

getting in touch with finding my way----
my own special flower blend in the mail, trusting the journey! loving the post-rain sunshine in my room.

polly compost

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